AUSGEL Ultra Elite Gels - Super strong and accurate!

AUSGEL Ultra Elite Gels - Super strong and accurate!

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The Ausgel Ultra Elite gel ball has arrived! Bringing more strength and accuracy; very consistent and perfectly shaped. This is the next generation of gel ball ammo!

This is the ultimate GelStorm Blaster companion, stronger than any other gel currently available on the market!

  • Average weight: 0.22g
  • Average diameter: 7.1mm
  • Consistency +/- .2mm
  • Quantity per packet: 5400 gels!
  • Grow time: at least 3 hours...

Finally, a gel that can not only be left in water, but also stored in an air tight container for weeks, ready to use when you need them. 

Due to the strength of the outer shell (approximately 4-5 times stronger than standard Ausgel Originals), these gels will maintain their shape during flight which will improve accuracy but will still break on heavy impact.

Check our Ultimate Grow Guide how to start using the gels!