What are GelStorm toys?

Is it paintball? Is it Nerf? Is it Airsoft?No, it is the newest fun toy on the market called “Gel Blasters”.

Fun for kids, families and GelBlaster fanatics! It's better to use than a water gun, much more convenient than picking up your Nerf darts. And not so messy and harmful like Paintball or Airsoft.

Gelstorm toys gives you all the joy of having a nerf, paintball and airsoft feel with a backyard active playstyle. Loved by kids, and adults too :) It's #FunForEveryone

Gelstorm fun with kids

The new Gelstorm Gelblasters come in 4 different colors (blue, orange, green red). They combine a reliable, consistent gearbox with solid build quality and fantastic aesthetics! Gelstorm is a fantastic and super fun choice for kids and adult alike due to the sci-fi design avoiding any possible issues with using a replica style gel blasters.

The first container for Europe will land early 2022; from there it will take off!

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