Now on Ankorstore - Our new B2B wholesale channel for Europe

Awesome news today; we partnered up with Ankorstore to setup our B2B wholesale channel in Europe. Thousands of authentic brands and now including Gelstorm Europe, all in one minimum checkout and always shipping free.

Ankorstore is an online B2B marketplace that connects brands and retailers all over Europe. Ankorstore offers great benefits for retailers!

Retailers have the possibility to discover and select from thousands of brands in just a few clicks, benefit from 60-day payment terms, test sales with a very low minimum order quantity, and take advantage of the constantly evolving tools offered by the platform.

Not yet on Ankorstore? Register now and benefit from a €200,- discount off all our products with the discount code LIFT-GARAY5LN. *Available on your first order on Ankorstore, from a €300,- minimum checkout.

Of course, this offer is compatible with Ankorstore additional conditions:

  • Just a €100 minimum order quantity
  • up to 60 days payment terms
  • free B2B delivery

See you soon on our Ankorstore B2B store, thanks for your interest in Gelstorm. Join the storm and prepare for the new 2022 hype!

Gelstorm Europe on Ankorstore


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